DIY Wine Rack

DIY Wine Rack – There are several reasons why people loves drinking wine despite of the price it has. Some says it can improve one’s appetite and food taste before the meal, while the others simply it for the sake of social usage, such as in gatherings or party. 

If you are a wine lover, then you are expecting to be able to access it easily. Indeed, having a perfect place for wine is a good investment to do so. In addition, some people like to stock wine in their home as a fete for their guests or visitors.

Here, I am not only giving you some DIY wine racks, but also ideas to create your own storage to stockpile your best wine.

DIY Wine Rack Wall Mount

Having a wall wine rack will save lots of work as well as provide easiness when you decide to drink with friends or any other persons. It will also serve as a good interior decoration for your house. Find out the ideas below.

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Free Standing Wine Rack


Standing Wine rack is quite simple holder to expose your high quality wine. The making process is relative easy, not time consuming, and cheap.

If you are interested to do the project, just read the full guide from woodworkjunkie here

DIY Wine and Stemware Rack


You know it is a good craft when you can personalize your own name on your work. This DIY rack will be your wine shortcut.

If you are interested for the project, please visit realitydaydream for the full guide

DIY Wine Rack Cabinet

What you need to keep your wine safe from any harm? the answer is a cabinet. Below are simple DIY cabinet that you can create in your spare time.

Simple Timber Rack

This simple rack is perfect for one-day weekend project. The process is easy and material needed is minimal.

Denim Wine Rack

Even though it needs more details to make, this denim rack can always be a good option to store your Wine.

DIY Wine Rack Pallet

Pallet racking is the best option for a budget wine storage since the material used are mainly cheap and easy to find.

Simple Pallet Wall Rack

This rack may not the most spacious around, yet it’s enough for your most favorite wine.

Farmhouse Wine Pallet

If you love farmhouse style decoration, then this rack pallet is for you. I personally love this idea because of its simplicity and practicality.

DIY Wine Rack Above Fridge

It is widely known that storing wine inside a fridge is not recommended since it doesn’t provide the required condition for wine. Hence, placing your rack above fridge is essentiat to ease the access to the wine and refrigerator.

Built-in Wine Rack

If you don’t have specific fridge for wine, then you need to build a rack for it.

Diamond Wine Rack

The design is simple yet elegant. It can be placed anywhere in your house.

Wine Grid

This wine rack will be a perfect match for your farmhouse room or home style. It can also be a good diy project in the weekend.

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