Bohemian Decorating Bedroom Style (Hippie, Bohemian, Chic, Gypsy)

Bohemian home style or Boho style is perfect for those who want their homes full of life, ethnic, and unique items from all the world. This aesthetic lies on the face of contemporary sensibilities and has the sense of carefree, the relaxed, and the unusual. And while Bohemian rooms tend to share similarities in that they are usually eclectic and share similar features—no two spaces are ever completely the same.

Boho style comes from people who live an unconventional life such as travelers, actors, and writers. The Bohemian style reflects that life by combining objects, colors, patterns and arts from many parts of the world. If you are fond of nature, ethnic, and calm tone, then these Bohemian bedroom ideas are for you.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

When budget is your main problem, then read our suggestion below.

Simple Bohemian Room

Source: Pinterest

Having a cool bohemian room is indeed a dream for everyone. But when you are tight in budget it can be discouraging at times. Therefore this simple white room is a good idea to start designing your own room. You can add some boho wall decoration or painting which you can make by yourself. There are also ethnic tone rugs for the floor, small side table and natural lampshade. 

Rustic Bohemian Room

Source: Pinterest

Sometimes, we need a place to relax after all of our activities. Then the answer is a room that can provide a comfortable, quiet, and natural atmosphere. Bohemian Rustic room is simple but can give an aesthetic impression. We can put the green plants and vines around our bed as accents for the room, even small branches of plant or tree trunks that are dead and dry, we can also use as decoration.

The color of this type of room is dominated by green, white, brown, which is called “earth tone”. In addition, empty beer bottles can be used to sweeten the room. Simple thing is also shown by the style of a low level bed. You can reuse unused wooden boards and ask the carpenter to make it a low level bed frame. You don’t need to spend more budget to decorate your bedroom in a Bohemian Rustic style that provides serenity like in nature.

Hippie Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Hippie style is described by freedom, art, and crafts. There are two kinds of Hippie Bohemian Bedroom recommendations below:

Natural Bohemian Room

Source: Pinterest

The Bohemian Room type is known for its uniqueness. One of these Hippie room types invites us to fantasize about the pleasant nature, such as the beach and the sea. Decorating a bohemian room with the beach and the sea as a theme is a creative idea because many objects that can support this theme are easy to get, such as shells, starfish, small lights, aromatherapy candles, and etc. Tone colors that fit this theme are broken white and beige. That’s a totally stunning room!

Cheerful Bohemian Room

Source: Pinterest

A hippie person is depicted by a cheerful, free, and admirable figure of art. This type of Bohemian Hippie room is very attached to art. We can see from various patterns on carpets, cushions, blankets, etc. This room reflects cheerfulness because this room is full of colors. Some objects in this room are handmade. Simple but looks beautiful.

Gypsy Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Gypsy is commonly known as a traveler. In ancient times these people wandered while selling antiques, ancient, unique, and things that smelled of art. Gypsy Bohemian inspires to decorate bedroom creatively. Now make your plans and turn your room into something unique for cozy escape.

Wanderer Bohemian Room

Source: Pinterest

If you like reading and have a monotonous bedroom. Now it is the time for you to turn it into a place that is never boring by decorating it into a Gypsy Bohemian nuance. Here you want to leave a monotonous impression and try with something colorful with artistic ethnic patterns. So, it can describe your wildest ideas after reading books. Also add a pattern throw blanket and layer it on top of the bed. To give an impression that you are a dreamed wanderer, you can hang on some dream catchers and put on souvenirs that you got on travelling. For lighting, light strings can be attached to the wall close to the bed. It reflects some stars on the night sky. Finally, add a bookshelf and arrange it randomly to make it look messy but cool.

Source: Pinterest

Here they are… mix patterns everywhere from bed to the floor. Then, you can see Indian ethnic sense there. Don’t forget to put your favorite stuff on every side of your room randomly.

Chic Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

The boho-chic style is a blend of modern and vintage bohemian style. For those of you who want to give a simple and sweet touch while still making super gorgeous decorations, you can choose Chic Bohemian style to get a new look of your bedroom.

Indie Bohemian Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

What is the difference among this Look Bedroom compared to other Bohemian Rooms? Yup, this room looks younger and modern. This white paint room is equipped with a fairly trendy decor that has string lights everywhere, neon letter lights to make quotes, and some favorite stuff like college photos stuck on the walls of the room. Voila! This room is suitable for teenagers.

Abstract Bohemian Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

For this bedroom look, we can add fringe stuff that is hung on the wall of the room and abstract patterns so that it creates a modern look as well. In addition, the color of this room is combining earth tone and cheerful pastel colors which is beneficial for those of you who like bohemian style rooms, you can become a crafter and change your room with the easy DIY stuff you want.

Bohemian Bedroom Paint Ideas

Bohemian is identical with white room paint. However, do you know that there are several identical colors that can be used as color dominance for the bohemian theme which are sage green and rust. However, you can combine earth tone colors in the stuff in your room.

Source: Pinterest

As usual this bedroom look is dominated by white paint. This look is suitable for you because it has a minimalist style for your daily life.

Source: Pinterest

This room is dominated by sage green color, but still the theme is earth tone color. You can see from other stuff in the room combining rust, white, and wooden color around.

Source: Pinterest

For this look, bedroom paint is dominated by rust color which has a warm atmosphere.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas DIY

Easy Yarn Wall Hanging DIY


This easy wall hanging idea is perfect for your Bohemian bedroom decoration stuff. This craft can even be completed within one day. Thanks to Erica for the nice tutorial.

It is a perfect weekend project while you can also make it for a new thing for your bedroom. Read the full steps on how to make easy yarn wall hanging here

Here are some pictures of the making process:

Simple Dreamcatchers DIY


You’ve probably seen a dream catcher hanging from a tree, in a souvenir shop or even on your wall bedroom and wondered about its purpose and meaning. But we are not talking about its history. As we know, the dream catcher is an ethnic thing from native American to protect children when they are sleeping from nightmares. Now, it’s time for you to make your own dream catcher to be hung on your bedroom wall.

There are some steps for making your own adorable dream catchers from these college photos below:


  • some feather
  • some beads
  • needle and thread
  • a bracelet or anything circle
  • a thicker thread
Step 1    
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Final look!
Step 6

If you are interested to read full guide in processing this dream catchers, you can click here

Happy crafting! xoxo


Having a dream bedroom is everyone’s desire. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite Bohemian bedroom style above and let’s decorate your room!

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