Birthday Cake Ideas

Cake was originally a crude product, like bread, and later became a much sweeter version. In the 17th-century birthday cakes were made more complicated with details such as icing, layers and decorations, like flowers.

Most western cultures celebrate birthdays with cakes, candles and birthday songs. What was once just a simple cake is now a world of complex varieties and flavors. Some of the most popular flavors include cream cheese frosting, vanilla bean with buttercream frosting and classic chocolate on chocolate.

To help you celebrate a great birthday party with friends or family, we have rounded the most stunning, beautiful, and funny Birthday Cake Ideas for you.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Men

Making your own birthday cake for your boyfriend is indeed a special and romantic moment. But, the problem is whether if it suits him or not. So, before making a cake, you must first investigate his favorite. Is there any type of cake or food that he doesn’t like.

Now there are various kinds of cake trends to celebrate your male partner. How about the perfect and suitable cake for your man? Here’s some cake decoration examples:

Wealth Guy


Imelda Marcos once said: “People say I’m extravagant because I want to be surrounded by beauty. But tell me, who wants to be surrounded by garbage?”

Let’s celebrate your birthday, let’s celebrate your life!

Get Drunk

Who doesn’t like whiskey? In this stressful era, drink is one of great escape of all the burden. It is the best cake for all drinkers out there. If you wish, you can recreate whiskey bottle from chocolate for the topping.

Karate Guy


Martial artists, no matter how strong they are before their opponents, are human being too. So, stop saying birthday cake is not suitable for them.

Gentleman Cake

Suit is known for its clean and professional look. It is a sign that the man is proper and matured enough to compete in the real world. If you asked women what looks they love to see in Tinder, then the ladies won’t object when they see a man suited up. Here is a cake with suit design for your man.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Girls

When choosing a birthday cake for a little girl, they always want Barbie or Disney princes such as mermaid, fairies, frozen, or flowers – and most importantly, every single one of them in pink. So it is the gallery of pretty birthday cakes which will keep her happy.

Disney Princess Cake

Source: Pinterest

Here is Disney princess cake for your little daughter. Surely it will be the best cake she wanted in her born day.

Pink Hat Cake


Pink birthday cake is not only for little princess, but also for adults. This cake design is perfect either for birthday or mother’s day.

Princess Birthday Cake

Source: Pinterest

When Disney princess is barely enough, then she might want to be princess herself. Equip her birthday cake with diadem and wand and let her be the princess in her birthday!

Colorful Birthday Cake

If you are sick and tired of pink birthday cake for the little girl, then colorful cake might be the best option for you.

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